Help Protect Our Farmers Rights

Aug 18th, 2016

We believe our farmers deserve commonsense and fair laws to manage their land and increase productivity.

Together we won the debate in Parliament, but Labor has promised to continue their attack on our way of life in regional Queensland.

The LNP believe our farmers deserve common sense and fair laws to manage their land and increase productivity.

Labor’s laws will make farmers criminals on their land and will make it impossible to grow our food supply.

Labor’s scare campaign about the environment is baseless and unfair– there was actually 30% less clearing under the LNP’s laws.

Only the LNP will continue to stand up for farming communities and regional Queenslanders.

We need your continued support to protect farmers and make sure they have fair laws to manage their land.

Please add your name to the petition below as together we can protect our farming communities and ensure our way of life remains vibrant and sustainable.

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