One in 100 projects approved under Labor – MLP reforms a must

Feb 17th, 2017
  • Labor’s failed Market-Led Proposals have a success rate of less than one per cent
  • Up to 15 projects currently languishing in Treasury with no decision date in sight
  • LNP will overhaul the MLP framework to make it the most aggressive in Australia – ensuring more innovative proposals are approved and delivered, meaning more jobs and better infrastructure

Value-for-money and ability to deliver will be critical parts of an overhaul to Labor’s faltering Market-Led Proposals (MLP) framework announced by the LNP today.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said Labor’s current framework boasted a success rate of less than one per cent, and change was clearly needed.

“We will replace it with the most aggressive MLP framework in Australia,” Mr Nicholls said.

“It’s not good enough that after a year and a half just one project has progressed to the delivery stage, when more than 100 proposals have been presented to the government.

“At a time when Queensland is crying out for more infrastructure, when government infrastructure spending has been slashed by $3 billion and when business investment fell by $13 billion in just one year, this do-nothing Labor Government has hit the go-slow button on its own pet policies.

“Queensland is suffering an infrastructure deficit under Labor and we need to be encouraging the private sector to step up and plug the gap – not dissuading them with just one of 100 MLP projects approved.

“The inaction is indicative of this government, a lethargy that is sapping confidence and economic growth here in Queensland.”

Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said the LNP’s reforms would deliver the nation’s best MLP framework. The LNP’s changes include:

  • Committing to a four-month assessment period for proposals
  • Publishing information about the types of proposal received, the number selected for advancement and the reason for not progressing unsuccessful projects
  • Better defining parameters around the types of MLP the government is looking to attract
  • Reforming the Project Assessment Framework to relax the current uniqueness test and emphasise value for money and ability to deliver.

“We know there are currently 15 projects languishing in Queensland Treasury, with no decision date in sight,” Mr Emerson said.

“By committing to a four-month assessment period we are giving proponents confidence that their proposals will be dealt with quickly and effectively and this will build confidence in the MLP process.

“Our changes will mean information about the type and number of projects received by the government are made public and not hidden from scrutiny as is currently occurring.

“We’ll give proponents more information about the types of projects the government is interested in partnering in, to save their time and ours.

“We’ll also reform the assessment framework to ensure that more projects are able to proceed. Value for money and ability to deliver will be major aspects of the new rules, so more than one per cent of projects are delivered.

“We’re going to change the culture so that projects are approved instead of becoming stalled as is currently happening under Labor.

“All of our actions are focused on getting more innovative projects approved and delivered, meaning more jobs and better infrastructure.”

Click here to view the LNP’s Plan to reform the MLP framework to deliver infrastructure for the future

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