Petitioning has long been a popular method for citizens to lobby Parliament to take action on a particular matter. People may use a petition to request an alteration to a law or for the re-consideration of an administrative decision.

A petition must be sponsored by a Member of Parliament and follow a strict format. In Queensland there are two types of petitions:


Online petitions provide the opportunity to open a petition to a greater audience outside the local community. Click on the following links to find out more about online petitioning or for an E-Petition Request form.

Please note: To view the above documents, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Paper Petitions

Paper petitions have been in use in Queensland for over 140 years. They provide the opportunity for a petitioner to collect signatures from around the community. Like an E-Petition, they follow a set format and must be lodged by a Member of Parliament.

If you feel a petition may be appropriate in lobbying government on a particular issue, the Queensland Parliament Petitions website has more information.

If I can help you with a petition please contact me.