Air conditioning in schools

The days of students sitting it out in hot, uncomfortable classrooms is destined to continue under a do-nothing Palaszczuk Labor government—destined to continue under an education minister who can find $500 million for two schools, one in her own electorate and one in South Brisbane—and she can do it at the drop of a hat; it is not even in the budget—but she cannot find enough money to air condition schools in the rest of the south-east corner.

This Premier and education minister travel in air-conditioned, chauffeur driven cars, work in air-conditioned offices and are feted by their bureaucrats who live in their air-conditioned offices, but they cannot find the money to air condition our schools. This is an education minister who has time to kowtow to her union mates—an education minister who can spread union propaganda through schools—but who thinks it is all really just a bit too hard.

Perhaps we should not expect any more from an education minister who, when she was the employment minister, said, ‘Youth unemployment is always difficult to address. I do not know that there is much you can change structurally. There is always an issue with youth unemployment. It is not new. It has been around a long time.’

If you are looking for a job in Queensland, under Labor it is going to be around a lot longer with 6.1 per cent unemployment, while the rest of the country is showing an improvement all the way through under a Morrison federal liberal government, driving the unemployment rate down.

This is a government that can find $265 million for a botched hospital IT system, $239 million for other mismanaged IT projects and $160 million for the rail fail, but they still cannot find money to deliver for students.

Let me talk about this most importantly, because I know about this. For kids with disabilities it is even harder, and for the therapists and teachers who have to sweat it out in 40 degrees like they did at the beginning of this term - they deserve better. This motion should be supported.