North Brisbane Bikeway

One of my election commitments was to see the North Brisbane Bikeway (NBB) built in Clayfield.

I have always endorsed the benefits of encouraging people to ride and that's why I support the bikeway being built. The bikeway is now being planned and I, like many of you, want it to go ahead as soon as possible.

Since this project is being delivered in partnership with Brisbane City Council (BCC), I thought it would be best to update you on where it is at in terms of development for each stage.

Stage 2, 3 & 4 – State Government section

Early works of Stages 2 and 3 to be delivered by the State Government, are close to completion. The early works includes the clearing of 14 sites, which are owned by the Transport and Main Roads Department, in Albion and Wooloowin to make way for the bikeway.

The actual bikeway construction is subject to funding and relies on design acceptance by BCC. The proposed construction plan currently consists of:

  • Building a dedicated cycle lane on-road with raised safety markers.
  • Changing Mawarra Street / Bridge Street to a one-way street (northbound) for motorists from Albion Road to the Hudson Road railway overpass.
  • Upgrading the intersection of Chalk Street and Bridge Street by replacing left-hand-turn slip lanes with new signalised turn lanes.
  • Changing Fraser Street, Wooloowin into a cul-de-sac.
  • Installing priority crossings for cyclists and pedestrians, operating similarly to ‘zebra’ crossings, along McDonald Road and Bridge Street.

Here's a video of how the bikeway lane may look. Please keep in mind that the final look may differ.


Brisbane City Council section

The Brisbane City Council’s section of the North Brisbane Bikeway is to connect the current Kedron Brook Bikeway to Price Street, Woloowin. Many residents of Park Road and surrounding streets have raised concerns about the initial Council design. Council has now decided to halt its section of the works until the State’s sections are completed. Councillor for Hamilton Ward, Cr David McLachlan, has confirmed this.

If you have any concerns or an opinion about the NBB, I encourage you to complete this survey or contact my office at [email protected]

Check out some results in the interactive charts below!