Charlie Parrella's 50th Anniversary

Congratulations to Charlie Parrella, Brisbane's most iconic old-school barber and a dear friend to many. 

This video was made as a gift to Charlie. Watch to see the special moments our community shared on April 28. 



Charlie's story begins in 1956, when he left his home country of Italy at the age of 14 to arrive in Inglewood.

Only two years later, he managed to open his first barber shop in the main street of Inglewood. From then, Charlie became known all across town as "Charlie the Barber". 

In 1968, Charlie moved to Brisbane and opened his new shop in Hendra, and the rest is history! This year mark's his 50th anniversary, what an achievement. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that the chair at Charlie's is the authentic old-school chair that's been used since 1958?