Clayfield Community Grants

As your local State Member, I am always pleased to support local community groups and individuals through donations.

Each year I allocate $2000 for “Clayfield Community Grants” and these are designed to provide small donations to not-for-profit community groups and individuals from the Clayfield Electorate.

Five grants of up to $200 each will be available through two rounds each year. They aim to provide financial support for local groups who support our community and to individuals needing assistance to travel to educational, sporting and other competitions.

Who can apply?

1. Not-for-profit community groups based in the Clayfield Electorate. Groups do not need to be incorporated, but must have been in operation for at least one year

2. Individuals aged 10 and over who have been selected for zone, state or international sporting/educational or other events. Individuals must live in the Clayfield Electorate.

How to apply?

Applications close on the 31st May and 30th November

Submit one page containing:

1. Your group’s name/individuals name

2. Contact details for the group’s President and Secretary or your individual details (including email and phone numbers

3. One paragraph explaining the amount you are applying for and what it will be used for

4. Email your application to or post to PO Box 281, Clayfield QLD 4011

For further information, please call 3638 9100

- Or -

Click this link and follow the online form.


If you are successful you will be notified approximately two weeks following the closing date. You can submit one application per round. If your application is successful, that’s it for twelve months. If not, try again! Grants are $200 each (inc. GST). Five successful applications will be chosen each round.