Community Crime Prevention Forum - Meeting Overview

On Thursday 27th of February, over 200 members of the Clayfield community came to the Community Crime Prevention Forum I hosted at Eagle Farm. Both stopping crime and dealing with offenders were discussed.

Key announcements by Police were:

1. There are now 10 Tactical Crime Squad Officers in the Hendra QPS Division. These officers are not on "general duties" and are instead patrolling the area in order to try and prevent crime and stopping it as it happens.

2. The Qld Police Helicopter (Pol-Air) will be working with cars on the Northside much more often.

3. There will be bicycle patrols by extra officers after seeing the benefits of this program in places like New Farm and Fortitude Valley.

4. There will be more police cars set up with Automatic Numberplate Recognition, which works very well for detecting stolen cars, cars used in a crime, etc. 

Top Tips from Police:

The community camera alliance is a great way to aid police in the fight against crime. You can register your CCTV here.

If a crime is taking place, your best point of call is 000 and if a crime has already taken place or you need to report unusual activity – call POLICELINK on 131 444. 

If you are confronted in your house Call 000 and be sure to provide the following information:

Provide your location

Tell the operator what is occurring

Give a good description of the person (clothing changes but hair colour, tattoos, height and often shoes tend to remain the same)

Where was the offender last seen and which direction are they heading in?

Put as many layers of security between criminals and your home

Lock your doors and place keys and handbags out of sight

Install sensor lights in areas of vulnerability e.g. front and back doors, sides, garage and down to footpath

Get to know your neighbours and report any behaviour that isn’t normal

Think of joining or creating the local Neighbourhood Watch

I want to thank the local officers who came to the forum on their own time to answer questions and explain what is happening.

Many people also signed a petition circulating calling on the State government to provide more resources to help police and to take a tougher stance with offenders, especially those who breach bail repeatedly. If you would like to sign the electronic petition please complete it here

If you want to look up crime statistics you can do that here

To see more tips on securing your home or business please check out

If you have any other matters where you think I can help please contact me at [email protected] or here.

Some clips from the night:

Senior Sergeant Paul French (Hendra Police) speaking about the causes of the recent crimes and the idea of "opportunistic crimes":

Senior Sergeant Paul French (Hendra Police) speaking about the importance of using the PoliceLink number (131 444) to report non-urgent issues to Police. 

Senior Constable Carol Spurdle (Hendra Community Crime Prevention Officer) speaking about crime prevention tips so that you are less likely to be affected by "opportunistic crimes". 

An overview of practical steps Hendra Police are taking in response to the rise in crime: