Crime in the area

Lately there has been an increase in people concerned about crime in Clayfield, I have spoken to a number of people who have contacted my office and also with Tricia Steffen, the administrator of the 4007/4011 community Facebook page. There have been some very concerning stories about break-ins and theft, and of course my sympathy goes out to those who have had to endure this criminal activity. To follow this up, I've contacted the Hendra QPS Division and asked for their response to this activity. Below is the statement I have received.

Hendra QPS Statement:

Crime traditionally can eb and flow depending on numerous external circumstances, but we at the QPS would like to inform the residents of Clayfield and surrounding suburbs that it is a safe place to live and/or work.

There has been a slight increase in reported property related crime in the last few months which QPS are well aware of.  In response to this recent rise there have been an increase in marked and non-marked patrols, these patrols are all Intelligence driven. There have also been several targeted operations in the last couple of months, and these will continue in response to the reported crime in the South Gateway policing area. This includes drawing on QPS resources from other areas to increase the number of patrolling police in the Clayfield and surrounding areas.

Police would like to take the opportunity to remind residents of their responsibilities to lock and secure their homes, vehicles and property. The majority of the property related offences, which include “break and enter of dwelling”, and “unlawful entry of vehicles/steal from vehicle” are opportunistic crimes. The offenders are targeting vehicles that are left unlocked with valuables inside and entering houses through open windows and/or unlocked doors. Across all of Brisbane, both northside and southside, there has been an increase in the number of vehicles that are stolen when a house is broken into. Again, QPS strongly advise residents to lock their vehicle and secure their vehicle keys in a non-visible location, even when they are home.

There is a large amount of comprehensive  “Crime Prevention and Community Safety”  literature on the QPS webpage, including checklists for home and business security, and property identification. These are all very useful tools that can be used by every community member to empower themselves. 

The Gateway Crime Prevention team can also attend a home residence or business to conduct an official “Home Security” or “Business Security” audit. If you wish to contact us to arrange a time for this, please contact us on [email protected]

We also strongly encourage residents and community members to “subscribe” to our local police blog which is the official channel for QPS to communicate local crime and community news.  

QPS also encourages residents and community members to join, or establish, a local Neighbourhood Watch Group (NHW). QPS work in conjunction with these groups. NHW groups have changed with time, and there are many groups that solely operate as an -on-line entity, or just hold community-based events. It is a great opportunity to be an official partner with QPS in your own community. For further details please refer to the NHW webpage here.

Finally, we encourage all members of the public to access the QPS “Online Crime Map” which can be located here. This is a true source of information for reported crime, and gives details on areas; offence types, days of the week, time of the day, and detailed maps of where the actual crime is happening.


While it's no consolation to those who've been affected, the crime statistics show that there is no need for panic (see below). However, that doesn't mean we should be complacent. If you're interested in leading or joining a Neighbourhood Watch Group, please fill in the form and I will pass on some further information and tips. Even if it's only an online presence, it can still be a valuable community resource to keep people and property safe.

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I will continue to work with our local police to ensure Clayfield remains the safe, family area we all enjoy and love living in.


Would you be interesting in being a part of a local Neighbourhood Watch group?