Stop Neilsens 24/7 Concrete Batching Proposal

Neilsens Concrete Pty on Breakfast Creek in Windsor has asked the Brisbane City Council to change the rules to allow the plant to run 24 hours and day, 7 days a week. Many people have already contacted me in opposition to the proposal and I'm not surprised. A 24/7 concrete plant in the middle of Windsor is unacceptable.

Not only will there be increased noise pollution, affecting residents in the area, there will also be more stress put on roads which are busy enough as is. The trucks from Neilsens already use the Albion Overpass and the intersections with Hudson Rd and Sandgate Rd, which are known to be both crowded and at times dangerous.

There has also been complaints about concrete trucks leaving debris on the Overpass, due to the trays not being cleaned out properly. With hours extended, the damage to the road can only get worse!

I'll be writing to the Council letting them know both my own and the community's opposition to Neilsens' application, because at the end of the day, residents in Windsor and Albion deserve better. You can help by signing the petition. Make sure you share it with your family, friends and neighbours. 

Below is Neilsens' application for changed operating hours: 


View Neilsens' Lodged Application


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