Breaking Down "Operation Lift"

There's been plenty of confusion surrounding "Operation Lift" and the regulations around Queensland's 4WD modifications.

To help you gain a better understanding on what is going on, I've put together all the information at hand to make it easier for you.  

I've put together a petition to ask Minister Mark Bailey to scrap the fines and defect notices that fall within the new regulations. It just isn't fair for those who were charged for modifications that are now going to be legal.

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► In Parliament


→ 12 September 2018

After a public outcry and plenty of news reports, Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey made a statement in an attempt to save face on the recent police operation that "stopped more than 60 4WD vehicles" where infringement notices were issued. Read his media statement here

→ 18 September 2018

Despite this, the Minister continued to be called out for the ongoing confusion and persecution of 4WD owners. So on this day, Mark Bailey has another crack in Parliament to justify his position. He states that he has been "working with industry stakeholders like Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and 4WD Queensland to make motoring better and safer".

I have spoken to the director of the AAAA and 4WD Queensland, and I know for a fact that Minister Bailey had not been in direct contact with either organisation. If you want to hear what the Transport Minister had to say, watch it below.

→ 19 September 2018

The next day I spoke in Parliament to voice the concerns expressed to me by the online 4WD community. As the owner of a lifted 4WD, I am like thousands of other 4WD owners who have been targeted by the government's secret launch of Operation Lift. Read my speech here or watch it below.


Read my speech


→ 20 September 2018

Only a few hours before my speech, Minister Mark Bailey snuck out a media release in which he finally tries to provide some consistency around Queensland's 4WD modification regulations. Minister Bailey's sneaky act of releasing a media statement through TMR instead of facing the music by addressing it in Parliament was quite a slack effort. He failed to say anything about what will happen to all those who got fined and charged with defect notices. Read my speech here or watch it below.

We still are waiting for to see the details of what Mark Bailey has in store for Queensland 4WD owners, but industry sources are very concerned there will be no real improvement.


Read my speech


Here is the media release issued by Minister Bailey on the 20th of September, while all the ministers were in Parliament.

► In the News

On 6th September, the story was covered by Channel 7 News and Channel 9 News. Watch it below.


► Other Relevant Information

If you can manage to interpret it, all of the current information about light vehicle modifications can be found on the Department of Transport and Main Roads' website here.


The Queensland Code of Practice (QCOP) talks about lifts for light vehicles on page 49. You can read the full QCOP document here.


► Facebook Groups & Pages

To follow this issue as it unfolds, here are some 4WD Facebook groups that have been supporting the fight:

4WD Queensland

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

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