Save the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital


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While Queensland's hospital system is in crisis, the Labor Government's priority is to rename the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. Labor should instead be paying attention to the 28% of kids who aren't seen on time in the emergency department of the Lady Cilento Hospital. 

While our emergency departments are overcrowded and wait times for elective surgery skyrockets, it is appalling that the Palaszczuk Government is trying to waste money on changing a hospital name. In 2013, the hospital was rightfully named after Phyllis Dorothy Cilento, who was a pioneer and fierce advocate for women's & children's health. For Labor to erase her name is an insult and dishonours the significant work that Lady Cilento has done for Queensland and Australia.  

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UPDATE: The Labor Government has now launched their own survey which asks for your opinion on renaming Lady Cilento Children's Hospital to "the Queensland Children's Hospital". This is your chance to tell Annastacia Palaszczuk that she needs to keep her hands off Lady Cilento Hospital! Click here to respond to the Queensland Government's own opinion survey. 


David Cilento, Lady Phyllis Cilento's son, spoke out to the Courier Mail by saying that Labor's push to replace his mother's name is "totally unnecessary" and that there seems to be "some other agenda". Read the full article below. 

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