Tell Minister Bailey to scrap the 4WD modification fines!

While Minister Mark Bailey has said that the rules around lifting 4WDs will be changed, all we've had is radio silence on whether he will cancel the fines & defect notices that were handed out during "Operation Lift".

Innocent 4WD owners who've had modifications that are legal under the new rules should not be charged and the unfair fines must be withdrawn

Minister Bailey has been fudging the issue and has avoided answering the question many of us are asking - "what will happen to the 4WD owners who have been issued fines and defect notices?" 

I am calling on Minister Mark Bailey and the Labor Government to stop pointing fingers and instead focus on fixing up the problem

Minister Bailey has had plenty of time and opportunities (especially during his Facebook commenting sprees) to answer. 

Queensland's 4WD community have waited long enough and I need your help to give the Palaszczuk Labor Government a kick along


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