Voluntary Assisted Dying Survey


Thank you to everyone for filling out this survey and sharing your personal stories. The legislation has been passed and therefore the survey is now closed. You can read my contribution to the voluntary assisted dying debate in Parliament here


As you may have already heard, the debate about allowing voluntary assisted dying (sometimes called euthanasia) has increased.

The Queensland Law Reform Commission has delivered its report and draft legislation about voluntary assisted dying (VAD) laws to the Government. The report follows a parliamentary inquiry in 2019-20 into aged care, end-of-life and palliative care and voluntary assisted dying, which gave the QLRC the terms of reference and scope to conduct its review.

Following this inquiry, the State Government pledged $171million over five years for improved palliative care. I’m sure everyone can agree that a well-functioning palliative care system is of great importance, regardless of where you may stand on voluntary assisted dying.

I know VAD is a contentious issue, that many people in our community and throughout Queensland feel very strongly about. There are a number of stakeholders who have deeply-held views on both sides, including single-issue community groups, religious organisations and healthcare workers. These groups often focus on different aspects of the matter, for instance some are concerned about adequate protections for people in a vulnerable state, while others emphasise giving people greater choice.

While we may not agree with what any or all of these groups have to say, I think it is valuable to be knowledgeable and respectful of both sides of the debate, so everyone can make an informed decision.

I am very interested to know what your views are and how important this issue is to you. Having the views of the Clayfield community is essential, as I will be voting on this in Parliament in September this year.

If you have an interest in VAD and the legislation behind it, I’ve provided links to some information below:

Report and draft legislation from the Queensland Law Reform Commission

Position statement from pro-VAD group 'Dying With Dignity'

Joint statement from Queensland religious leaders, discussing misgivings about VAD

To let me know your views please complete the survey. There are also some more general questions about other State issues or concerns you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, I look forward to hearing from you.

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